What is Online728?
    Online728 is a rigorous, comprehensive, fully online K-12 public school sponsored by the Elk River School District. Online728 offers a high quality virtual learning experience for a wide variety of students including those who are seeking flexibility in their schedules and individualized support for learning. All courses are facilitated by licensed Minnesota teachers and meet or exceed all Minnesota state standards.

    Is Online728 accredited?
    Elk River School District went through a rigorous application process with the Minnesota Department of Education for Online728 to become an approved online public school. Students enrolled full time in this program will have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma.

    Who can enroll in Online728?
    Online728 is available to any student in the state of Minnesota provided they can show proof of residency. Additionally, students who are physically residing outside of Minnesota for more than 15 consecutive days cannot be enrolled.


    How does online learning work?
    Students enrolled in Online728 complete all of their school work online with the support of parents, families and licensed teachers. By working online, students and families have flexibility as to when the learning occurs. By taking online courses students can study where, how and when they want. Courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once students login to their courses, their learning begins. They can focus on a different class each day or work on each class everyday. Licensed teachers are also available to guide lesson pacing, answer questions, or help when students get stuck.

    How do I attend class?
    Class attendance is based on logging in to your courses regularly, completing coursework and making appropriate progress each week. Students who do not follow these guidelines may be referred for truancy and/or withdrawn from the program. Please see  the Online728 Attendance Policy.

    How are the courses set-up?
    Most courses run on a semester schedule. However, students can move through the course at their own pace provided they are making appropriate progress each week and complete the work within the semester guideline.

    Do I ever need to come to the Elk River School District?
    Students are required to take State tests in the Spring. However, Online728 staff will make every effort to find a location that is central to all students. Also, Online728 will provide students the opportunity to meet with their online instructor face to face for individualized assistance. Hours of availability will be made available at the time of registration.

    Do I ever need to come to the Elk River School District?
    The best way for parents to monitor their child's online progress is to create their very own Schoology account. Parents can follow directions found HERE in order to create their account.


    What are the costs to enroll in Online728?
    Online728 is a free, public school. There are no costs for enrollment. Online728 receives funding from the State to offer this educational opportunity to students, just as if they are attending a traditional public school.

    What other costs are there to attend Online728?
    Students need both a device and an Internet connection in order to access their coursework, submit assignments and complete assessments. Devices are provided on loan by the district on an as needed basis. Parents/Guardians will need to complete the Device Request form, Acceptable Use form and User Responsibility Agreement. This process will occur once the enrollment process is complete. Internet access is the responsibility of the student and family, whether that be at home, the library or other locations.


    Who is eligible to enroll in Online728?
    Any student in grades 9-12 who is a resident of Minnesota is eligible. *Please note: Students will be required to take state assessments in the spring. This is a MDE requirement.

    How do I enroll my student?
    All in-district students should begin the process by meeting with their counselor to discuss the option of enrolling in online courses. For students living outside of the district or students new to one of our three high schools while living within the district boundaries, they should begin our Online Registration Process.