We ALL need some assistance at one point or another!! Don't EVER hesitate to ask!!

  • Online728 students receive support from a team of licensed education and guidance professionals.

    This experienced staff is committed to meeting the academic, social and post-secondary needs of the Online728 student. Questions sent to teachers and/or counselors by either students or parents will be answered in 24 hours or less.

    Contact the Online728 Coordinator by phone: 763-241-3400 extension 5009  
    Contact the Online728 Coordinator by email: meagan.rathbun@isd728.org

    All Online728 courses will be delivered through Schoology. As a parent or guardian, you have the ability to create your own account in order to monitor your child's progress.  

    Please view the Online728 Student & Family Handbook for further information on the attendance policy and other important information. 




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