Every student needs a plan for high school and beyond

  • For many teens, planning for the future can be a challenge. What classes do they need to take? Will they attend college or some other type of training? How do they choose a career that’s right for them?

    ISD 728 has partnered with The Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) to offer an online system, My Plan, to help high school students create a Personal Learning Plan – an education and career plan to guide them as they complete high school and work toward the goals they set for the future.

    Students develop their own Personal Learning Plan with assistance from their guidance counselor, teachers and parents. Their plan should include high school graduation requirements, classes they need to achieve their education and career goals, and work-based learning experiences such as internships, apprenticeships and part-time jobs.

    A Plan for Success

    • Research shows that students who have an education and career plan:
    • Are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college or other postsecondary training.
    • Are more motivated to succeed in college and other types of training and in the workplace.
    • Score higher on standardized achievement tests.
    • Have better attendance and fewer discipline problems.


    MyPlan (Personal Learning Plan)

    MyPlan can help students make a plan for high school and beyond. Using the MCIS online system, students can:

    • Determine their skills and interests.
    • Explore careers.
    • Search for colleges and training options.
    • Create a education and career plan.
    • Keep a record of their grades, school and extra-curricular activities, and work experience

    A Personal Learning Plan is not set in stone. Students can review their plan on a regular basis and update it as their interests and goals grow and change.