Attendance - Distance Learning Model

    • (How to “Check-In” Video) — This is *NEW*!
    • Students are expected to check in to each class period daily using Campus Portal.
    • At 6:00 p.m. (on school days), students and parents will receive a notification via email if students did not complete their daily check-in and they will be marked as absent —  students will still have until midnight to "CHECK IN" but it will take one day for the absence to clear itself. 
    • Students who do not complete their check-in before midnight will be marked as absent. 
    • If the student actually participated in learning activities that day, the student (or parent) should contact the teacher to have the absence removed from the attendance record.
    • *NEW* Other than verifying a missed “CHECK IN”, work completion/interaction will no longer be used for attendance purposes. 
    • Students who are too unwell to participate in school should be excused by a parent/ guardian through the attendance office.