Campus Portal FAQ

  • New Campus Parent Update starting April 15th, 2019.

    ISD 728 provides Campus Parent Portal to parents of students attending our schools. Infinite Campus has been busy updating Campus Portal with an easy-to-use design so you can better understand, monitor, and participate in the educational process with real-time access to announcements, assignments, attendance, grades, schedules and more. Campus Portal is now called Campus Student (for students) and Campus Parent (for parents, providing a seamless experience when switching between the web and matching app across your devices.  To learn more about using the new portal,  view the guide available here.

    Usernames are now based on Email Address to better match Schoology, RevTrak and PayPams systems. Your other accounts were not changed, though later this summer Schoology will also be updated to match your new Campus username and affected parents will receive a separate email at that time


    What Email Address will be used?

    Going forward, changing your primary email address on file with ISD 728 will also change your Infinite Campus Parent username and Account Security Email to match. If you prefer your secondary email address on file to be used as your Campus Parent username, sign into Portal and use the More > Family Information tool Update button to switch them around (approval may take a few days).  If you are also an employee of ISD 728 (including coaches), your primary email address must remain the school issued first.lastdue to how Campus integrates with employee records. Employees can update or add personal email address in the Secondary Email Address area, which will be used for the Campus Parent username.


    What if I want to change my password? Or forgot it?

    Password resets will be now be available using the Forgot Password link without needing to contact support. Schoology, RevTrak, PayPams and other systems usernames and passwords will still be changed separately at each system at this time - so changing your password for one does NOT change your password for all accounts. 


    Why is the happening now?

    ISD 728 uses Infinite Campus to provide information via. Campus Portal. Infinite Campus is migrating all customers to a new Portal this school year and will discontinue the older portal and app this summer. Usernames are being changed (to emails) at the same time to better match Schoology, RevTrak, PayPams and other parent systems used by ISD 728, simplifying account logins for parents. Using email as usernames allow self-service password resets anytime, anywhere, and prepares other apps for better integration between parent apps like Schoology.


    Will my password be affected on April 15?

    Existing account passwords should not be affected. You are not required to change your password.


    How are teacher or staff accounts affected on April 15th?

    Staff usernames and passwords will not be affected.


    How are student  accounts affected?

    Student usernames and passwords will not be affected, but the they will have the new Campus Student look and feel similar to parents.


    What if I already use my email address to log into Campus Portal?

    Parent’s already using their email address to access Campus Portal will continue to do so, no username changes will happen.


    I don’t remember my username, how can I find out what it is?

    Parents using something other than their email address as their Campus username, or who do not yet have their own Parent account will receive an email on April 15th with instructions for accessing their account. It will include the new username based on the primary email address on file. After April 15th, you can use the Forgot Username link on the Campus Portal sign-in page to have it emailed to you.


    What if I do not have an email address on file?

    Use the Campus Parent Portal Support Request Form to send your email address and have your Campus account created. If you need to create an email address, you can sign-up for free email service from Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, or others of your choosing.


    If I share my email address with ISD 728, who will have access to it?

    According to school district policy, email addresses are available as Public Directory Information for written requests typically received from local business and youth groups. Parents can opt out by submitting a letter to the ISD 728 Technology Department at 11500 193rd Avenue NW, Elk River, 55330. The military is entitled to additional information as defined by Federal and state statutes, making email addresses available to the Military for for recruitment purposes only. More information is available here:


    What if I share my portal account and/or my email address with others in my household, how will this work for me?

    Parents who have the same primary email address on file with another parent will receive one email on April 15 with instructions for accessing the shared account. If you would prefer to have seperate accounts, use the Campus Parent Portal Support Request Form to send another email address and have the second Campus account created. If you need to create an email address, you can sign-up for free email services from Google GmailMicrosoft OutlookYahoo, or other web-based email services of your choosing.


    How does this affect my Security Email on file?

    Going forward, changing your primary email address on file with ISD 728 will also change your Infinite Campus Parent username and Account Security Email to match.You can not have a seperate security email from your username at this time.


    Will this affect my RevTrak account and how it shows School Fees?

    RevTrak accounts linked to old Portal usernames should continue to work, but may need to be relinked to the new accounts after summer break.


    Will this affect my Schoology account?

    Schoology accounts will not be affected at this time. Over summer break, Schoology will be updated to use Campus usernames and eliminate need for creating accounts using Parent Access Codes. More information will be shared in August as we prepare for those changes.


    When should I use Campus Parent vs Schoology Parent Access?

    Schoology provides a more detailed access to classroom activities, assignments and testing data.  Schoology is the location where classroom teachers post some of their day-to-day work as well as course announcements for students. Campus in many cases is still the place where final grades will be posted. Video Coming Soon!