Counseling Groups

  • Rivers of Hope provides support to our students at VandenBerge Middle School. An advocate from this program runs groups for students who experienced or witnessed domestic abuse in their family. It also provides curriculum and guidance to students regarding positive friendships, appropriate social boundaries, and relationship skills. Students may be asked to participate in this group if they indicate that they are struggling with peer relationships, serious family change issues, and/or domestic abuse.

    Troy Johnson, Elk River district diversity coordinator, conducts a multicultural group at VandenBerge Middle School throughout the school year. This groups is open to all students who would like to learn more about the diversity issues that students face and to celebrate the differences among our student population. If your child is interested in participating in this group, please contact Troy Johnson at 763-241-3400 X2232.

    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) group will be offered at VandenBerge Middle School. This program is conducted through Rogers Therapeutic Collaborative and is free to students who sign up to participate. The DBT group focuses on teaching students interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance and mindfulness. The group is comprised of either all males or females. Each year the group is determined by the needs of our VandenBerge Middle School students.