• Signing Up to Become a Volunteer

    • Complete the Volunteer Sign-Up List. Be sure to give your email to your student's teacher or on the Volunteer sign up Form.
    • Return form to the school.
    • Complete the On-line Background Check form. Once you submit your interest form, the teacher will forward your email to the Parent Liaisons. Then, you will receive a link to a background check form from HR. You will need to complete the background check form within 24 hours of receiving the link.

    You will be notified if you do not pass the background check process.

    As your interests and availabilities change throughout the year, please feel free to contact the Parent Liaison.


    Please stop in the school office to sign-in and sign-out in our Volunteer Book.
    You will receive a Hassan Volunteer Name Badge to wear during your volunteer time. Please wear your badge in a visible place at all times.
    Please call the Hassan School Office (274-7230) if you are unable to fulfill your volunteer responsibility for a particular day.



    Enjoy your time as a Hassan Volunteer. Your time benefits students, staff and our community. Thank you!
    Please be dependable. We count on you! Please come when you are scheduled. If you are unable to come for some reason, please call the school office (274-7230) and leave a message for the staff, teacher or coordinator you are assisting.
    Please be impartial. Look at the whole picture and factors that might explain situations. Be accepting of those you encounter.
    Please respect confidentiality. As a volunteer, you are a trusted member of our community. Please respect students, teachers and parents right to privacy.
    Please ask questions! If you are uncertain about anything – please ask. We value your time and want to ensure that this is a rewarding experience for you.


    Volunteer Sign Up Sheet