Action Plans

  • The following action plans are especially designed for your child's health concern in the school setting.  It allows school personnel to respond quickly to treat your child, minimize classroom disruption, potentially eliminate emergency room visits, and assist in your child's quick return to the classroom.  

    Each action plan must be signed by a physician and parent/guardian and updated annually to assure accurate information.  Please list specific needs or steps to follow when your child's medical condition presents.  Return to the Health Services office at your child's school as soon as possible whether your child needs medication at school or not.  If medication is required, it must be supplied in the original or prescription labeled container provided by your pharmacy.  See Medication Law.

    If you have any questions regarding action plans, please call your School Nurse.

     Allergy Action Plan

    Allergy Action Plan Letter

    Asthma Action Plan

    Asthma Action Plan Letter

    Diabetic Action Plan

    Diabetic Action Plan Letter

    Seizure Action Plan

    Seizure Action Plan Letter