Destiny Quest Online Catalog


     Look up books in Destiny


    Electronic books (ebooks) are also available in Destiny. The book covers have the letter "E" on them. To read them, log into Destiny Quest using your school network account:


    first 5 letters (or all letters if less than 5) of your last name

    first 5 letters (or all letters if less than 5) of your first name

    middle initial

    the numbers 00

    (Example: PhiliLisaJ00)

    Your password is your lunch number.


    After logging in, select the Follett Shelf tab. Select the book cover of the e-book you want to read. Select the button that says "Open".
    The book will open allowing you to read it on your device. When you are done reading, select the bookbag icon. A question will appear asking you if you want to close the book or check it out. If you want to continue reading the book, you should select the "checkout" button. The book will stay checked out to you for a 2 week time period. After that, it will disappear from your bookbag.

    E-books can be read on any device with access to the Internet, computers, Ipads, Ipods (with Internet), tablets, smartphones, or Kindle Fires. At this time, the books don't download to devices, but can be read on the browser.