•  Welcome to Second Grade 

    The second grade teaching team would like to welcome you to Twin Lakes Elementary! The teachers on this team include: Jill Jopp, Nick Churchill, Lauren Follmer and Erin Patterson. 

    E Learning (Think Snow Day) Link


    We will be ability grouping for reading this year. The second grade curriculum is Treasures. It follows a clear, consistent pattern of instruction and provides support for all learners. We focus on spelling patterns each week and will not be sending home a spelling list. We want students to really grasp the spelling pattern instead of memorizing a list of 10 words.


    Our curriculum is Math in Focus and is a rigorous program that helps students apply math concepts at a higher level. We follow the state standards in math also. We focus on addition and subtraction fact fluency throughout the year. Some areas that your child will explore this year include: addition and subtraction to 1,000 (with regrouping), measurement, rounding, estimating, graphing, bar models, multiplication and division, time, and money.


    We focus on three types of writing throughout the year: personal narrative, opinion, and informational writing. We strive for complete sentences with the correct grammar.

    Social Studies/Science/Health

    Below is a list of some of the units covered:


    • Bus Safety
    • Communities
    • Rules
    • Mapping
    • Life Cycle of Plants
    • Eating Healthy
    • Matter
    • Force/Motion
    • Bullying
    • Fire Safety


    Parent Guide to Language Arts (1 page handout)