Welcome to Fourth Grade


    Our fantastic 4th grade team includes: Mr. Carlson,

    Mr. Hietala, Ms. Nelson, and Mrs. Friestad.

    We are departmentalizing by reading/writing/health,

    and math/social studies/science.



    Otter Tag Criteria:


    Principal Tag:  Students have many ways to earn this tag.  Some examples are…Act of Kindness, something above & beyond, Otter Pride in building or with others, display of leadership, honesty, work habits, respect, citizenship, compassion, integrity, cooperation….. (they will also get the principal card with this tag.)

    Math All-Star:  Students who earn an A- 90% or higher

    Reading All-Star: Students who earn an A- 90% or higher

    Responsibility:  Students who take it upon themselves to follow daily classroom expectations.  Teacher discretion along with “Missing Assignment” Binder will be taken into consideration.  

    BUG:  (2nd and 3rd Trimester) Students who raise academic letter grade by at least 5% or significant improvement in Behavior grades.  

    Stop Light:   Students who have demonstrated appropriate behavior throughout the trimester. 


    Parent Guide to Language Arts (1 page handout)