• Welcome to Fifth Grade

    The fifth grade teaching team would like to welcome you to Twin Lakes Elementary! The teachers on this team include: Mr. Klingelhofer, Mrs. Koch, Mr. McGorry and Mrs. Swaggert.  We stay with our homeroom classrooms for most things.  We are flexible grouping for Mathematics. Your child will be fortunate to be able to work with a variety of teachers this year!




    Science and Health


    Below is a list of the units covered in the science and health book:

    1. Food Chains/Webs
    2. Levers and Pulleys
    3. Landforms
    4. Variables
    5. Health/Family Life

    Reading and Spelling

    Parent Guide to Language Arts (1 page handout)


    Our reading curriculum is Treasures. It follows a clear, consistent pattern of instruction and provides support for all learners. We will be using both classroom textbooks and various trade books. Spelling will be a part of the reading block and students will receive a weekly assignment.


    Social Studies


    The fifth grade social studies curriculum focuses on United States and Minnesota history. Students will learn about our country from the Early North American Explorers through early American History. This class is meant to be an overview, so students will not be going into great detail.




    We will be emphasizing many basic skills and various levels of problem solving. Some areas your child will explore throughout the year include: estimation, rounding, place value, multiplication, division, fractions, pre algebra, geometry and a little data analysis.



    Parent Guide to Language Arts (1 page handout)

    Throughout fifth grade our writing curriculum concentrates heavily on the four basic types of writing. The different types include: narrative, descriptive, clarifying, and problem/solution. Students will explore various writing styles and experiment with different types of voice in their writing.


    Otter Tag Criteria


    Principal Tag: Students have many ways to earn this tag. Some examples are... Acts of kindness, something above & beyond, Otter Pride in the building or with others, displays of leadership, honesty, work habits, respect, citizenship, compassion, integrity, cooperation... (they will also get the principal card with this tag.)

    Math All-Star: Students who meet or exceed the standards taught in the trimester. 

    Reading All-Star: Students who meet or exceed comprehension and vocabulary standards. 

    Responsibility: Students will receive this tag if they have no missing or late work for the trimester. 

    BUG: (2nd and 3rd Trimester) Teachers will select students who have shown academic improvements.

    Stop Light: Students who have demonstrated appropriate behavior throughout the trimester.

    Writing: Teachers will select students whose writing stands out as an excellent job.