• General Information


    Monday - Friday 7:00 - 3:15

    Our goal in working with students is to help them access, process, and communicate information. 
    We also strive to encourage reading for enjoyment.

    Rules, Policies and Procedures
    • Books are checked out for two weeks at a time. Materials may be renewed up to one time (four weeks total).
    • Students are welcome to use the media center appropriately. We are open before and after school. Teachers may send up to four students at a time with a pass during class hours. Entire classes may come when scheduled in advanced. Students may also come from study hall with passes.
    • Students are asked to be courteous to others who are waiting to use media materials by returning or renewing their books by the due date. Overdue notices are distributed once a month, and more frequently at the end of the year. Notices will be mailed home if a student disregards the first notice.
    • Students who have overdue books may not checkout library materials until they renew or return the overdue book or pay the lost book fine. We do offer a No Due Date section your student may use so that they still have access to reading materials.
    • If a student loses a library book, he or she will be expected to pay for the book at replacement cost. If the book is later found, the money will be happily refunded.
    • Students who continue to ignore overdue notices will be subject to detention. A book that is over three months overdue will be considered stolen unless the student declares it lost and pays the replacement fee.
    • Students have access to Print and Electronic Resources in the media center. District Internet rules apply in the media center as well as the labs and classrooms.
    • Students who are misbehaving in the media center may lose the privilege of using the facility and its resources.