Phil Schreifels, Principal

  • Phil Schreifels has been school principal at Rogers Elementary since 2005.  Schreifels was the co-principal the year prior.  Before becoming principal at Rogers, he was an assistant principal at Salk Middle School in Elk River, MN for six years. In addition, he was an assistant principal at Salk and VandenBerge middle schools for one year. In total, Schreifels has been with the Elk River Area School District since 1997. Prior to becoming a school administrator, Schreifels was an EBD teacher at Rockford High School for a total of six years.


    Principal Schreifels has a Bachelor of Science degree in special education, a Master's degree in educational administration, and K-12 principal and superintendent's certificates from St. Cloud State University.

Principal Phil Schreifels