Student Council Meeting Guidelines/Member Responsibilities

  • Preparing for Meetings:


    • Be aware of meeting dates and times. Meetings will typically occur one/two times a month. Members will be emailed in advance. (Check your email frequently)
    • Class representatives will inform their homeroom class about the upcoming meeting and ask them to share any concerns, questions or topics needing to be discussed at the meeting. Representatives will take notes and prepare to share them at the meeting.
    • Bring your planner and pencil to the meetings and always be on time.
    • If you are absent more than 3 meetings (unexcused), you will be dismissed from the council.
    • If you are going to be absent, inform Mrs. Hammerschmidt beforehand.


     Responsibilities After Meeting:


    • Complete any committee assignments promptly and by the deadlines set by the council.
    • Classroom representatives will schedule a time with teachers to report to their homeroom class on the meeting. Officers will report to a buddy class when needed. Reports should be given to classes within 3 days of the meeting. (Use the notes that you took during the meeting to help you give your report.)
    • Ask students to share concerns, questions, comments and suggestions with you. Take notes for future reference and for inclusion in the next meeting’s agenda. Remember: YOU REPRESENT THE STUDENTS AT ROGERS ELEMENTARY!
    • Please email Mrs. Hammerschmidt as soon as possible with any items that your class would like discussed by the council (this will provide time to add it to the next meeting’s agenda).
    • Maintain a passing grade in all classes.
    • Work to set a superior example at all times. Demonstrate appropriate behavior during the school day and at school activities.


     ** Any misconduct will have the consequence of possible dismissal from the council. **