2012-2017 Strategic Plan

  • The ISD 728 Strategic Plan was approved by the ISD 728 School Board May 30, 2012. The plan, created by teams of parents, community and business leaders, students, staff and teachers, establishes this school district's priorities from 2012 to 2017.

    The Strategic Plan started with three Community Cafe's in the spring of 2011. These conversations were open to the public and from the raw data themes were established. From these themes three teams (Core, Action and Measurement) were formed; they started in the fall of 2011. These teams met over the course of five months and from their work 35 recommendations were forwarded to the Superintendent of Schools and School Board.

    As 2017 comes to an end, ISD 728 leadership and staff will be working with our communities, with goals established by the Minnesota Department of Education, to develop a new plan that will lead the District into 2020 and beyond.

    With the School Board's approval, the strategic plan priorities are set to be the primary goal of the school district as it focuses on One Mission, Seven Core Values and ALL Students.