The Independent School District 728 mission is to educate, inspire and empower our diverse learners, to shape their futures, to accomplish their dreams and to contribute positively to our local and global communities.

    Our Core  Values:  We believe that...

    • All people have value
    • Valuing and respecting differences strengthens the individual and the community
    • People thrive when they feel connected, supported and affirmed
    • Everyone can learn
    • Hope inspires and empowers
    • Lifelong learning is essential for personal growth
    • Change is an opportunity for growth

    Intelligence and physical fitness are interrelated

    A major Swedish study that tested 1.2 million young men prior to military service found a linear connection between the subjects' fitness ratings and their intelligence:  The more physically fit the participants were, the higher they scored on intelligence test.                                                                                                                    Science Illustrated Nov/Dec 2012