• enrollement


    You have several options for enrolling with Online728 as a high school student. It's always a good idea to discuss any changes to your academic plan with your school counselor or make an appointment with us to discuss what possibilities are available to you.


    Supplemental (part-time) enrollment in online learning
    Supplemental enrollment means you enroll in online learning in addition to your local school classes. You may enroll in supplemental online learning courses during a single school year up to a maximum of half of your full schedule of courses per term. Students who enroll part-time usually do so to make up credits, to do credit acceleration, as part of a PSEO program, or to complete courses not available, or that do not fit into your regular schedule. Students wanting to enroll in supplemental classes with Online728 must already be ISD 728 students.


    Comprehensive (full-time) enrollment in an OLL Program (Nonresident and Resident District)
Enrolling in a comprehensive online learning program requires a change of school or district if you are not a ISD 728 student. To open enroll in the ISD 728 Online Learning program, students need to enroll in ISD 728 Schools. The open enrollment process normally takes place at the beginning of each quarter. If you are already a Minneapolis student who wishes to enroll online full time, contact the Online office to set up an appointment (763.241.3400) to meet with the online staff. A parent must attend this meeting if you are under 18 years old. We also suggest that you meet with your school counselor prior to meeting with us, to discuss the options available to you at your high school, while attending Online728. Upon graduation you will receive a diploma from ISD 728. If you are a current ISD 728 student, you will receive your diploma from your home high school.