Madison National Life Benefits

  • Life Insurance
    Basic term life insurance coverage for eligible employees is provided by the District at no cost to the employee.  The amount of term coverage varies by employee group and is determined by your master agreement or benefits handbook ($50,000 for most employee groups).  Enrollment is automatic upon becoming eligible for coverage.  Employees should designate beneficiaries through the District's online enrollment portal, HRIntouch.  Beneficiary designations can be changed at any time.  If you do not wish to accept this life insurance coverage employees have the option to waive coverage by completing a Life Insurance Waiver Form.    


    Supplemental Life Insurance

    Supplemental term life insurance coverage is available for eligible employees on a voluntary basis, which means the employee pays for any additional life insurance coverage.  This coverage is optional and is in addition to the district-provided basic life insurance.  Supplemental insurance may be applied for in increments of $5,000, and requires approval of the insurance company.  The cost for each $5,000 of coverage is currently $1.00/month.  If you elect to enroll in supplemental life coverage you must complete enrollment via the District's online enrollment portal, HRIntouch.  The employee must also complete a Life Insurance Evidence of Insurability Form and submit the completed form to the life insurance carrier designated on the form.  The life insurance carrier will notify the employee of acceptance or decline of requested supplemental life insurance. Supplemental coverage can be applied for at any time. 


    Long Term Disability

    Long Term Disability insurance for eligible employees is provided by the District at no cost to the employee.  If you become disabled, long term disability insurance replaces up to 2/3 of your salary after a 60-calendar day elimination period.    The benefit amount is offset by other compensation you may be receiving from other sources such as TRA, PERA, Social Security, or Worker’s Compensation so that your disability earnings are not greater than your earnings while working. 


    In order to complete a claim for long term disability benefits, you will need to complete the Employee's LTD Statement Claim form and send to the address on the form.  In addition, you will need to have your physician complete the Physicians Statement Claim Form and send to the address on the form. 


    Identity Theft Services

    Identity Theft Resolution Services are offered as part of the District's contract will Madison National Life Insurance Company.The program provides identity theft resolution services to employees, their spouse and dependent children, which includes access to certified risk management specialists who will work with employees to resolve identity theft issues.  Support is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week and the program includes all types of identity theft.

    Call toll-free 1-855-860-3727. 


    Contact the ISD 728 Benefits Team with questions. 



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