Curriculum Overview

  • Our district-wide curriculum provides all students the opportunity to meet and exceed state and national standard skills and competencies. With the whole child in mind, we strive to create opportunities that will enable each student to fulfill the following learner outcomes:

    • Children are ready for school.
    • Third graders can read at grade level.
    • Racial and economic achievement gaps between students are closed.
    • Students are ready for career and college.
    • Students graduate from high school.
    • Each learner will choose to continually engage in experiences that benefit the community.
    • Each learner will acquire and apply knowledge and skills consistent with their goals and passions.
    • Each learner will articulate their dreams and create and carry out plans to achieve those dreams.

    The Teaching and Learning Team invites you to become familiar with the curriculum and other programs and services that support student learning in our schools. If you have questions or suggestions, we welcome your feedback.


Curriculum Adoption

  • How often does the Minnesota Department of Education conduct a curriculum review cycle?

  • When the Minnesota Department of Education reviews and updates curriculum, how often can parents and the public provide input?

  • When the Minnesota Department of Education adopts state standards for all public schools, how long do school districts have to implement them? Can public school districts adopt portions of the State Standards or do they need to adopt all of the standards?

  • ISD 728 has a Teaching and Learning team, but does it also have a curriculum review team as well? How does it function?