Parenting Solo—Short Term, Long Term - Whatever the reason!

  • Parenting less Parent Solo is a FREE class for men and women who are parenting alone for whatever reason - military duty, work situations, separation, divorce or a loss of a spouse.


    The class provides parents and their children with an opportunity for enhancing personal growth, self-confidence, life management skills and new parenting techniques.


    Visit Parenting Solo just once and you'll discover a place where you can find support, network with your peers or just share your experiences as a single parent.


    Bring your children! Children are encouraged to attend with their parent. They will have the opportunity to meet peers living with similar family structures, make new friends, have some fun and will even enjoy a free meal! Parents of preschoolers who attend will spend the last half-hour of class with their child in parent/child time.


    Registration: Pre-registration is required for this class and can be completed online at, or by calling the Early Childhood Family Education office at 763-241-3524.


    Cost: The cost is FREE and you can join at anytime!



    Parenting Solo is funded in part by Sherburne County Area United Way and The Three Rivers Community Foundation.