Counselor Sign-up

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    Please note that Counselor's are assigned by student last name.  To sign up, simply click on your Counselor's name. 

         Ms. Peterson       Kim Davison                  M. Rick           

    Ms. Peterson            Mrs. Davison                   Ms. Rick                         

    Last Names A-E                Last Names F-He            Last Name Hf-K  (M-W-F 7:00am-10:45am, T-TH 11am-2:45pm)                             

     Erin Shermak                       Mrs. Reimer                              

    Mrs. Shermak                     Mrs. Reimer **Mrs. Reimer will be out of the office Sept. 20-Sept. 24-if you have an emergency please come to the Counseling Office**                                                       

    Last Names L-Ra                  Last Names Rb-Z