The ASVAB Career Exploration Program provides high-quality, career exploration and planning materials at no cost to high schools throughout the country.  Students explore occupations in line with their interests and skills, and also develop effective strategies to realize their career goals.

    What are the Main Components?

    • Multiple-Aptitude Test
    • Interest Inventory
    • The ASVAB that was scheduled for Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 7:30am in Room 105 has been cancelled.  We will update information as it becomes available.  

    Click here to learn more about the ASVAB Career Exploration Program.

    Click here for an ASVAB fact sheet

    MCIS ASVAB Test Prep:
    MCIS is a web based career development program.  Students have the ability to take a full length practice ASVAB test three times.   Students should login using their ISD 728 MCIS login.
    username:  student ISD 728 full email address
    password:  Elks(student lunch number)  example:  Elks12345
    ASVAB prep materials can be found on MCIS under  My Portfolio/Test Prep/College Entrance Tests.  You can also pick up a handout with printed directions in the Career Center.