ZHS Scholarships

  • Thunder Logo-739.81 KB (1).jpgOur Local Scholarships are funded by donations from community organizations, businesses, schools and individuals. We are very thankful for their continuous support!  For eligibility requirements and information about each of the local scholarships, please refer to the ZHS Local Scholarships Newsletter towards the bottom of this page. Click the Scholarship Application link below to apply. 




    To apply for the 2020-2021 school year Zimmerman Local Scholarships, click the following link:


    The college that you end up attending is normally where you receive the largest amount of scholarship money. For some colleges, applying to the college serves as your scholarship application to that particular college. Other colleges have you complete a specific Scholarship Application found on their website. The following link provides information on scholarships that are available at various MN colleges. 


    State/National Scholarships

    The following website is what most people consider the best one to use when applying for various state and national scholarships  https://www.fastweb.com/   Also by logging into your MCIS account through "Rapid Identity" there are hundreds of scholarships you can apply for.


    The following link will facilitate setting up a student account for a program called "RaiseMe" where certain colleges award "micro-scholarships" to students in grades 9-12 when the student achieves various goals. You aren't competing against other students for these scholarships. As long as you accomplish certain tasks while in high school, you automatically start earning funds to go toward colleges that have partnered with RaiseMe.  Currently there are only a few Minnesota colleges participating in this program, but more are expected to join.  Head to the following website to set up your account and read more details about the program:   https://www.raise.me/how-it-works


    Additional Scholarship Applications and Information

    The ZHS Scholarships Newsletter below is an important document for our local ZHS scholarships. This newsletter describes what each scholarship donor is looking for in a recipient for each scholarship. It also shows you the number of recipients and the amount awarded for each scholarship.

    Zimmerman High School Local Scholarship Newsletter

    Laurie Kerr Scholarship Application

    ISD 728 School Board Scholarship Application

    The Heather Rose Scholarship Application

    Officer Besser Memorial Scholarship Application

    Gradient Technology Science and Engineering Scholarship Application

    Additional Scholarships