Special Education Advisory Council

  • Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC)

    The purpose of SEAC is to represent the interests of district learners with disabilities from birth through age 21. In order to educate, inspire, and empower all learners with specific applications to learners with disabilities and their families.

    Our Council

    • Advises the Special Education Department on current issues, program development, and parental concerns and involvement
    • Serves as an advocate for high-quality special education programs, and
    • Promotes communication between family, school, and community

    We believe when parents and caregivers of students with disabilities share their unique perspective of what it is like to use special education services that they help our school district to be more effective and improve outcomes for all children with disabilities. 


    Participation from all interested area community members is welcome. The council consists of parents, students with a disability, community representatives, and school staff. At least 50 percent of the members must be parents of students from diverse disability areas.

    If you are interested in joining please fill out the application or contact:

    Erin Jensen
    Director of Special Services


    The council is scheduled to meet several times during the school year. Meetings will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the Mississippi Conference room at ISD 728’s District Office located at 11500 193rd Ave. NW Elk River, MN 55330. 2019-2020 Meeting Dates: September 19, October 24, November 19, January 23, February 27, April 23.


  • To inquire more about SEAC or to apply, contact:

    Erin Jensen
    Director of Special Services


  • What parents of students with special needs are saying about ISD 728: 

    • "Be okay with alternative paths."
    • "Trust and believe in the process."
    • "The teachers were so supportive and I felt included in the process as a parent."
    • "The teachers have all taken time to learn about my children and their needs as individuals."
    • "I feel part of a team."
    • "The stereotype I expected for my child was totally turned around the moment we started programming."
    • "Get to know the teachers... and partner with the school staff. Everyone wants the best!"
    • "[My child] loves school, and it is because he has a caring team who has carefully put in place the supports needed for him to be successful!"