Enrollment & Capacity for District Facilities

  • Insight Statements:

    • When districts are growing or declining, school boundaries change frequently, regardless of what realtors tell potential home buyers.
    • Capture rate for the area of Albertville Mall is 45%, while the average capture rate across the district is 80%.
    • Pre-recession (prior to 2008) enrollment grew 3% annually.
    • Recession (2008-2012) District enrollment growth was flat (0%) while overall school-age population increased by 2%.
    • Post-recession (2012-now) District enrollment growth is about 1% annually and projected to increase.
    • District enrollment is projected to be 13,660 to 15,000 by 2021 (growth of 1% to 2%), based on historic enrollment patterns.
    • An increase in overall market share and open enrollment to an 85% market share would result in total enrollment of 14,500 to 15,800 students by 2021.
    • The closure and addition of charter and private schools within the district boundary affects overall District enrollment.
    • Early Ed (B-4 year old) programming significantly affects capacity of K-5 elementary schools.
    • Special education programming affects use and size of current facilities.
    • School buildings are not ideally located where growth of school-age children is occurring.
    • Families in our local communities identify with a “small town” culture while the school district must operate as the 8th largest school district in Minnesota.

    Committee Products and Deliverables:

    • Statement of confirmation regarding enrollment numbers and projected targets for District market share of incoming students.
    • Confirm current facilities utilization, projected facilities utilization, and percent of market share of incoming students.
    • Statement of confirmation regarding school capacity targets.
    • Support from administration to create model boundaries/options for consideration to accommodate the above points toward: creating optimal balance of students across the district allowing for growth
    • Draft short- and long-term priorities for facilities planning.


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