2012-2017 Strategic Plan Priorities

  • Strategic Objectives

    The 2012-2017 Stratgeic Plan laid out a list of objectives developed by ISD 728 leaderhsip and staff, with feedback from community stakeholders, to direct the district over a five year span.

    According to the plan, by 2017 each learner will:

    • Choose to continually engage in experiences that benefit community.
    • Intentionally choose to acquire and apply knowledge and skills consistent with their goals and passions.
    • Articulate their dreams and create and carry out plans to achieve those dreams.


    1. District employees understand the strategic objectives and why they are important to learner success and how we will measure each learner's progress.
      • Strategy 1
        We will continually identify, develop and empower current and future leaders to carry out our mission. 
    2.  Our Collaborative Leadership Team (CLT) has a shared vision of the skills, knowledge and dispositions necessary for successful leadership.
      • Strategy 2
        We will refine educational delivery services to meet the needs of present and future learners so they achieve our mission and strategic objectives.
    3. A research-based recommendation has been made to create an all-day, everyday kindergarten program for every child.
    4. Researched-based recommendations regarding the use of flexible scheduling to address the diverse needs of our are learners are presented to the School Board.
    5. The use of Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and Response to Intervention (RtI) is enhancing the achievement of all learners.
      • Strategy 3
        Do whatever is necessary to create and sustain a culture in which all members of our community understand, support and contribute to our mission and strategic objectives.
    6. District has a new name that unifies are communities in ISD 728 supporting our common mission.
    7. The district has established and utilizes a centralized welcome center for new learners that showcases our district and its diverse populations.
      • Strategy 4
        Collaboratively engage all resources of our community necessary to achieve our mission and strategic objectives in ways that are mutually beneficial.
    8. An organizational culture that values collaboration with parents and community organizations and agencies to achieve the mission of ISD 728 for all learners has been committed to and is continually being developed.
    9. Establish a community council that reflects "cradle through retirement" has been established that understands our mission and facilitates an integrated collaboration to help us achieve our strategic objectives.
    10. Integrate strategic objective rubrics into the district’s outcomes and standards.
    11. Implement, evaluate and refine pilot programs for gathering data on learner progress.
    12. Educate stakeholders on the strategic objectives, why they are important to learner success and how learner progress will be measured.
    13. Implement an integrated learner profile database.
    14. Develop collaborative, data-based learner-progress systems that guide strategic decisions.
    15. Create individual leadership development plans for all (CLT) members.
    16. Integrate E-12 curriculum standards using essential student leadership best practices.
    17. Provide leadership development opportunities for emerging leaders.
    18. Collaborate within the ISD 728 communities to create leadership development opportunities.
    19. Implement and evaluate instructional strategies, programs and schedules, resulting in higher levels of learning.
    20. Implement no fee, all-day, every-day kindergarten.
    21. Develop and implement a comprehensive early education foundational skills plan.
    22. Ensure a knowledge, skills and programming system is integrated that prepares all students for success.
    23. Implement and evaluate the cost/benefits of flexible scheduling pilot programs.
    24. Initiate a comprehensive instructional technology plan.
    25. Approve professional learning standards with differentiated professional standards delivered through multiple methods.
    26. Continue to share district success stories that support the ISD 728 mission.
    27. Open a comprehensive welcome center that provides new families with personal and online registration services.
    28. Institute a new employee orientation program that provides commitment training to the district mission.
    29. Provide community members resources and services from a new welcome center.
    30. Integrate the district mission into employee evaluations.
    31. Develop a demonstrated system of employee commitment to the ISD 728 mission.
    32. Strengthen existing community resource and partnership databases.
    33. Work to ensure E-12 parents are active partners in the success of their learners.
    34. Create parent and community literacy collaborations.
    35. Ensure a system of career planning and career pathways is in place for all ISD 728 learners.