• Rogers High School

    Senior Photos and Recognition Ads 

    Class of 2020 - You are about to enter your senior year of high school.  We hope you make it a great year!  As your yearbook staff, our goal is to make sure you are well represented in the yearbook.  To help us reach that goal, we are asking you to do a couple things.



    We require senior photos to be submitted by  December 1, 2019.   In order for that to happen, appointments need to be made soon - preferably this summer!  The sooner you get your photos taken, the better.  Photos received AFTER December 1, 2019 will NOT appear in the yearbook. 

    Portrait Requirements:

    • All portraits must be traditional HEAD AND SHOULDERS shots. 
    • No props, pets or hats, please! 
    • You may choose color or black & white portraits. 
    • Photo Quality needs to be a minimum of 300 DPI or higher for actual image size.  JPEG format is required.  NO TIFF OR PNG FILES ACCEPTED!
    • A high resolution photo is important for publishing purposes. 
    • Backgrounds are fine, as long as they are not distracting. 
    • Photos need to be vertical (tall). 
    • You MUST submit a digital portrait to images.jostens.com 

    Process for uploading senior photo:

    1. Go to the website  www.images.jostens.com 

    2. Login using the USER ID 413273676
    3. Choose the photo to upload. Remember, each student may only submit ONE photo!
    4. Provide parent or photographer contact info. (Person uploading the photo should enter his/her info)
    5. Provide IMAGE information - *Type the student's first and last name as you would like it to appear in the yearbook. *It is extremely important to spell the student's name correctly.
    6. Select  grade 12 from the dropdown menu.
    7. In the description, type:  senior portrait
    8. Click the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
    9. Click on "upload chosen images" in gray box to complete the process. 

    You will see a confirmation page and should receive a confirmation email shortly after your submission.



    New Process!  Go to  www.jostensadservice.com to create and pay for your senior's ad.  

    Honor your favorite senior with a Recognition ad in the yearbook.  For $30, you can publish a photo of your senior as a child, along with a personalized message.  Senior Ads must be received by DECEMBER 1, 2019. 

    Thank you! 
    RHS Signature Yearbook Staff 
    Shaunna Roberdeau, Advisor 

    763-274-3140 x1781