Elk River High School recognizes the direct relationship between attendance and achievement. Regular attendance in class is necessary if students are to receive adequate guidance through their classwork and benefit from the instruction. ALL STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND CLASS EVERY SCHOOL DAY.

    General Information

    • All students and parents are responsible for making sure the student attends class and is punctual every day school in session.

    Parents are responsible for contacting the school by calling the attendance office (241-3555) or by sending a note within 48 hours if the student is absent.

    • Examples of excused absences include:  illness, medical or dental appointment, court, death in the family, funerals, interviews for college, vocational school or military (pre-approved by school and verification provided), school business or school-sponsored trips, state/region participation, ISS, suspension, late bus, severe weather, tests administered by school and college personnel (verification of attendance is required), completion of driver’s test or permit   test (up to ½ day) and religious holidays.  All other absences are unexcused unless determined otherwise by the administration. The administration will be the final authority in determining whether an absence will be excused or not.
    • A doctor’s note is required for absences that extend beyond three consecutive days or ten total absences due to medical reasons. The doctor’s note must be provided within three days of the request.
    • Students must have a doctor’s statement to be excused from physical education for an extended period of time. The school nurse or health clerk may approve a one-day excuse if a note from home is provided.
    • Students are responsible for making up missed assignments.
    • The students and parents/guardians are encouraged to conference with school officials whenever attendance issues arise. If a student is excused absent, he/she is allowed two days to make up work for each day missed.

     Unexcused Absences

    • Consequences for skipping class may be assigned by the teacher and/or administration.  These consequences include, but are not limited to, detention, loss of parking privileges, parent conference or involvement by county social services and/or the court system for truancy.
    • Parents will be notified of unexcused absences through the automated calling system.
    • As required by state law, the school will send letters to parents/guardians at regular intervals to notify them of excessive unexcused absences. When a high school student accumulates seven full or partial days of unexcused absences, it is considered habitual truancy and the school will file truancy with county social services and/or court system for truancy.


    • High school students are expected to be punctual.
    • The first bell is the warning bell. The second bell indicates the beginning of class. Students who come to class after the second bell are considered tardy.

     After School Activities and Athletics

    • You must be in school at least half the day of the contest or receive prior permission from the Administration in order to participate.  Participation includes practice and competition.  Regular school attendance policy applies.  Any student who participates in high school league and other school-sponsored activities who are assigned all day in-school suspension, dismissal or suspension from school will be ineligible for practice and/or competition on that day.  Students who are truant for any part of the day will be ineligible to participate on that day. 

     Skip Day

    • “Skip Days” are not authorized by the administration and will be considered unexcused.  School consequences may be assigned.  If the administration is alerted of a possible “skip day” on a particular date, students may be required to provide additional verification for absences on that date to be excused.


    • A Vacation Request Form signed by the parent/guardian should be submitted prior to the vacation to guarantee that the absence will be excused.  The student should request make-up work ahead of time and try to keep up with the rest of the class while he/she is gone.