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Meal Account Balances, Transfers & Refunds

  • What happens to my student’s meal account balance over the summer?

    All balances, negative and positive, will remain in the account over the summer. The balance will transfer to the next school if the child moves buildings.

    * Transfer Request

    To request a food service account transfer from one student to another student within ISD728, please fill out this form:  Transfer Request - 2022-2023

    * Refund Request

    To request a food service account refund, please fill out this form:  Refund Request - 2022-2023

    Food Service Account Balance - Options for Graduating Seniors 

    Seniors who are graduating, the Food Service Department will generate food service meal account refunds. Any funds remaining will be applied against other outstanding fees first, and then a payment refund will be automatically generated. 

    As in past years, there are 2 alternative options for Graduating Seniors:

    1. Request the balance be transferred to a younger sibling. 
    2. Request the balance be donated to the District to help other families in need.

    If either of these options are of interest to you, please complete the form below on or before June 5, 2023 (form will open for responses mid-May 2023).

    2023 Food Service Meal Account Transfer/Donation Request Form for Graduating Seniors 

    If you prefer a refund, there is no need to fill out the form.  Please allow 4 to 5 weeks for processing. The refund will be mailed to each household.

    Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we are processing a large amount of refunds during this time.

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