Board-Approved Central Boundaries

  • Center Area Boundary Changes 

    In the Center of the District (mainly Elk River and surrounding neighborhoods), the School Board acted on a proposal at it's Dec. 12, 2016 School Board Meeting to give long-term relief to Twin Lakes Elementary School with its over capacity status, and to increase the utilization of Parker and Lincoln Elementary schools.

    These schools are currently operating at 87 percent and 74 percent of the building’s capacity. This plan also addresses the feeder system to middle schools, helping to increase the student capacity at VandenBerge Middle School and create capacity for growth at Salk Middle School. (Known as Option C in the Board Proposals).

    In this plan, boundary changes will take effect in the 2017-2018 school year for three areas in the center of the district.

    • In the first, Area A, roughly assigned as the area North of School Street, East of Proctor Road NW, South of 213th Ave and West of Highway 169: This section will now be assigned to Lincoln Elementary and VandenBerge Middle Schools. (Center Area A Map)

    • In the second, Area B, (including the streets of the North West Trott Brook area; Twin Lakes Parkway NW, Quincy Street NW, 190th Avenue NW, 185th Avenue NW, 187th Avenue NW, 188th Avenue NW, Smith Drive NW, 185th Circle NW, 186th Circle NW, 187th Circle NW, Ulysses Street NW, Tyler Drive NW, Tyler Street NW off of Trott Brook Parkway, will now be assigned to Parker Elementary and Salk Middle Schools. (Center Area B Map)

    • In the third, Area C, Including the area South of 181st Avenue NW, West of a line extending the East side of Hillside City Park to the East of Monroe St NW.  North of a horizontal line running south of 171st Avenue extended to the river. East of the river Hwy 101 and 169, will now be assigned to Lincoln Elementary School and VandenBerge Middle School. (Center Area C Map)

    central map