• Twin Lakes has been a leader in supporting safety through student involvement in the School Safety Patrol program. In 2011, Mr. Krueger (previous assistant principal) brought this great program to Twin Lakes. Each year after, the assistant principal has had the honor of leading such an amazing group of 5th graders.


    Patrol students either help our walkers be safe crossing the streets and/or provide support to the bus drivers to keep students safe on the bus. At least monthly, students meet with the advisor/assistant principal to talk about how things are going, learn ways to best keep students safe with a positive demeanor. Students also have well-deserved fun activities throughout the year. We are very fortunate to have the support of our Twin Lakes PTO for our annual spring event, exclusively for our safety patrol group.


    In the spring of 4th grade, students are able to apply for safety patrol as a 5th grader. Students are selected based on their application, attendance history, behavior history, teacher input, and available openings for each bus and at the corner. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Klingelhofer.



     Safety Patrol Pledge


    I promise on my honor to faithfully perform the duties of a school patrol member:

    * To keep my equipment in good working condition at all times
    * To report to duty on time
    * To act appropriately and be a positive role model
    * To earn the respect of fellow students
    * To keep myself physically and mentally alert at all times
    * To protect the safety of my school and community
    * To work together as a member of my school patrol team
    * To fulfill these duties respectfully, honestly, and professionally to the best of my abilities

    Advisor: Ryan Klingelhofer, 5th grade teacher, ryan.klingelhofer@isd728.org