Qualified Life Events

  • Are you experiencing a qualified life event?  Some examples of qualified life event include, but are not limited to:

    • Birth or adoption
    • Change in Marital Status (Marriage or Divorce}
    • Loss of other coverage
    • Attaining the age of 26 

    If you believe you are experiencing a qualified life event go to HRIntouch.  There is a 30 day window from the date the life event occurred in which to initiate the coverage change in HRIntouch.  Documentation of the qualified life event is required to be uploaded to HRIntouch prior to the 30-day window expiring.  The District will not approve a qualified life event unless all necessary documentation is provided prior to the 30-day window.  If you miss the 30-day window you will need to wait to the next open enrollment period to make the change.  Open enrollment takes place in April each year for a July 1st effective date.


    When you first log in to HRIntouch Click on Enroll Now!

     Enroll Now!


    Under the Benefit Snapshot, click on the plan you wish to make changes to or click on Benefits on the left side of the page.

    Benefit Snapshot

    Click on Edit Coverage

    Edit Coverage

    Click the Life or Family Change button and then click Next

    Life Change

    Choose the appropriate life event reason

    Life Event List

    If loss of coverage is the life event, make sure you know when the end of the current coverage is.  Coverage usually ends at the end of the month in which job resignation/termination takes place.  If the qualified life event is birth or marriage, the effective date is the actual date of the event.


    Click on Add Dependent, complete the required information for your dependent and click Save.  Repeat steps for each dependent you wish to add.  Once all dependents are added, click Next.

    Adding Dependents

    The next screen that displays will allow you to compare the different medical plans.  The plan you are currently enrolled in will have the Currently Selected button highlighted in green with a checkmark.  After comparing plans, if you wish to change plans, click the Select Plan button that is tied to the plan you wish to change to.  Then click Next.  If you are not going to change plans, you simply need to click Next.


    Once you have completed all of your edits, scroll down to very bottom of the page and click Save Changes



    You must submit supporting documentation for the qualified life event choosen.  A copy of your marriage license if enrolling a spouse and, if enrolling children, copies of their birth certificates must be submitted within 30-days from the date coverage is requested.  You will receive an email via the HRInTouch online enrollment system shortly after making the above enrollment changes to remind you that supporting documentation is required.


    Directions on how to upload the supporting documentation via the HRInTouch My Document Center portal. 

    • Scan and save the supporting document to your desktop.
    • Log into HRInTouch at https://isd728.hrintouch.com
    • Once logged in, click Enroll Now! 
    • Click on My Documents to the left of the Welcome box.
    • Click on Upload a Document in the Document is awaiting upload box. 
      • There will be a separate box for each birth certificate, marriage certificate and employer supporting documentation. 
      • If you are adding dependents to both medical and dental, there will be two boxes for each dependent and you are required to add the corresponding documents to both benefits.
    • In the pop up box – click Choose File
      • Find the corresponding document on your desktop, and select it. 
    • Complete the form and click Save.

    Repeat this process for each Document is awaiting upload box.


    Questions should be directed to benefits@isd728.org.