Concurrent Enrollment (College Credits at High School)

  • ISD 728 has partnered with Pine Technical and Community College, Chippewa Valley Technical College, St. Cloud State University, and the University of Minnesota to offer the following rigorous college-level classes to juniors and seniors in the high school setting. Students earn college credits in conjunction with meeting high school graduation requirements. There is no student fee to enroll in these programs and, upon successful completion of these course(s), the student will earn college credits.

    In addition, these courses are “weighted”.

    Refer to the Course Description Guide for prerequisite(s) required to enroll in these courses.

    Students enrolled in these courses begin their college transcript with the partnering college so please consider your enrollment options carefully.

    Pine Technical College

    • College Algebra
    • College Intermediate Spanish I & II
    • College Intro to Psychology
    • College Intro to Sociology
    • College Physics I
    • College Pre-Calculus
    • College Principles of Macroeconomics

    St. Cloud State University (S2S)

    • French 102 & 201
    • German 102 & 201

    University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)

    • Human Physiology, Technology & Medical Devices

    Chippewa Valley Technical College 

    • Advanced Marketing/DECA 4


  • Contact:
    Kelly Corbett

    Director of Teaching
    & Learning
    763-241-3400 x1205