• Wellness 1

    This first in a series of Youth Instructor Certification courses will provide you with the basic knowledge and ability to immediately begin teaching PreK-12 youth yoga, mindfulness, and social emotional learning skills.

    Overall, you will also learn more than 40 activities and class plans that can be taught in classrooms and other settings to help youth improve their attention, learning readiness, behavior, physical health, and emotional stability. Accessible to a wide range of ages and abilities, Yoga Calm® activities were derived from decades of experience and developed and validated in behavior classrooms, general education, counseling settings and homes.

    Meeting the Needs of Students and You!

    By integrating healthy physical, mental and emotional practices into their daily life, students and staff reduce stress, build resilience, and develop lifelong wellness habits and their associated benefits.

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    The activities learned in this course are effective and appropriate for all ages and abilities and particularly beneficial for those with attention, impulse control, anxiety and social difficulties. Yoga Calm® was initially developed with trauma-affected youth with body-based interventions to safely release stress, regulate the nervous system and develop a sense of safety and control.

    This course is designed for educators, counselors, treatment center staff, occupational therapists, yoga teachers, parents and other adults who work with children.

    No prior yoga experience is necessary.

    Other Course Benefits

    Through engaging and fun community-building activities, course participants experience firsthand the benefits of the following techniques and how to lead them with PreK-12 youth:

    • Breathing and mindfulness techniques to calm the nervous system, develop self-control and resiliency, connect children with their feelings, and prepare them for learning and therapeutic interventions;
    • Yoga poses and sequences to release physical and emotional energy, improve physical and emotional strength and flexibility, and develop self-confidence and concentration skills useful for learning and testing;
    • Social/emotional learning games and activities to develop trust, compassion, communication,teamwork and leadership skills;
    • Relaxation techniques, including storytelling, mental imagery and music to regulate the nervous system, develop imagination and integrate physical, emotional and cognitive experiences; and
    • Emotional guidance techniques for use with triggers, dissociation, flooding.

    Course Topics

    This introductory course provides you with the background information and basic tools to immediately begin teaching Yoga Calm®, including:

    • Children’s Health Issues
    • Research Support for Mindfulness and Yoga with Youth
    • Principles of Contemplative Education
    • Sequences for Classrooms, Therapeutic Settings and Homes
    • Integrative Alignment
    • Breathing Techniques for Regulation and Attention
    • Social/Emotional Learning and Communication Skills
    • Guided Relaxations, Storytelling & Symbolic Language
    • Classroom Environment/Management
    • Emotional Guidance, Behavior Support & Trauma-Informed Practices
    • Special Needs Students
    • Lesson Planning and Practice Teaching