• Wellness 2

    Children today are less active today than ever, yet record numbers are also being diagnosed with attention difficulties and hyperactivity. What today’s youth needs is mindful movement — physical activity that lights up the attention centers of the brain combined with processes that fully engage the mind, heart and imagination.

    Learn how to engage learners while expanding and deepening your knowledge of the Yoga Calm® curriculum with 30 additional activities and games to safely develop strength, flexibility and health awareness for PreK-12 students.

    In addition, using highly experiential activities, participants will also learn new techniques for building classroom community and behavior management skills.

    Course includes detailed instruction in alignment, adaptations for diverse abilities, including special needs students. Participants will also create Integrative Lesson Plans by grade level that can be used right away in their work with students.

    This course is designed for educators, college professors, parents, counselors, treatment center staff, occupational therapists, yoga teachers, parents and other adults that work with children. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

    Prerequisite: Integrated Approach to Wellness 1