• Wellness 3  

    This course familiarizes participants with 20 social/emotional games and yoga-based processes that can be used in PreK-12 classrooms, counseling or therapeutic settings to teach skills in communication, respecting personal boundaries, recognizing and responding to feelings and how to use physical activity and breathing techniques to help manage emotions.

    Developed from over 30 years of counseling and teaching in both schools and clinical settings and informed from research, Yoga Calm® is effective and appropriate for all ages and abilities.

    Case histories from school counseling, private practice and clinical experience will be used to highlight successful techniques and strategies for working with a broad range of student needs. The use of storytelling, symbolic language and the complementary aspects of Eastern and Western psychology will also be covered. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

    Other Course Benefits

    Students learn about Yoga Calm’s® social/emotional skills-building activities and applications for children in various settings, as well as yoga in general as a complete wellness system.

    Participants experience firsthand the use of communications skills activities such as reflecting feelings, paraphrasing, appropriately sharing one’s story, and using encouraging and supportive words. They will also learn how to help children learn about

    • Personal boundaries and appropriate ways of establishing them.
    • Student strengths, personal awareness, archetypes and the roles they play in personal success.
    • Giving and receiving compliments.
    • Using positive self-talk to attain goals.
    • Identifying and managing strong emotions


    Activities You Will Learn

    Specific Activities, from the book Yoga Calm® for Children* that you will learn include:

    • Archetype Game
    • Back Breathing
    • Calm Voice
    • Changing Channels
    • Child
    • Communication Game
    • Community Circle
    • Conflicting Feelings
    • Exploring Feelings
    • Guided Relaxations – Symbolic Imagery
    • Happiness Recipe
    • Harassment Prevention
    • Mindful Snack
    • Past, Present, Future (Warrior II)
    • Personal Space
    • Pinwheel Breath
    • Tree Challenge
    • Trickster
    • Yes/No

    Prerequisite: Integrated Approach to Wellness 1

    *Contractual pricing for ISD 728 Employees, contact Wendy Schwab