Student Support Services

  • Student Support Services 
    Prairie View Elementary and Middle School counselors and social workers facilitate groups and/or individual services, working with students to help them deal with their thoughts, feelings and emotions so they are able to function more effectively in the classroom and with their peers. 

    Prairie View Student Support Goals:

    To support the individual needs of ALL students and families through collaboration, advocacy and student specific interventions.    

    Middle School Student Appointment Request Form

  • Contact Us:

    Anna Burchett
    General Education Students 6-8
    Licensed School Counselor
    763-274-6270 Ext. 6113
    Office Hours: Monday - Friday

    Nancy Cristoforo
    General Education Students K-5
    Special Education Students K-2
    Licensed School Social Worker
    763-274-6270 Ext. 6114
    Office Hours: Monday - Friday

    Jelena Maric
    General Education Students K-5
    Licensed School Counselor

    Kelly Bergman 
    Special Education Students 3-8
    Social Worker
    763-274-6270 Ext. 6158
    Office Hours: Monday - Friday