• MAY 23, 2018


Employee of the Week!

  •  employee of the week COMPASS paras

    Paula, Kari & Robyn

    COMPASS Paraprofessionals
    District Office

    The terrific trio at COMPASS work tirelessly to provide the program's young adults with opportunities to improve their skills and reach their potential. The ladies provide on-the-job training for the students so they can improve their skill level, as well as learn new skills. They learn to make "on the job" decisions in regards to modifications and adaptations that will allow each individual student to succeed at his or her best potential. They remember to LAUGH...because if we don't see and find the positive and funny moments...life is too short. They model by example and show the students that being an adult can be hard. We work hard, have to make important decisions and have to work on being the best version of ourselves daily. The paraprofessional staff at COMPASS have navigated the transition program process and collaborated with one another, staff and the community to provide important and successful opportunities for the young adults in the COMPASS transition program. They are amazing...and they make a huge difference in the lives of the young adults they serve in ISD 728





2017-2018 Student Artwork

  • Every year 2 artists are selected from each school across ISD 728 that exemplifies extraordinary art in our district. Poster are then made of the artwork to hang in the District Office for a year and later returned to be part of an art collection in that school.

    Congratulations to this year's selected artists!

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