Hey Kids.....Wait....there is even MORE FUN.....Reading opens up new worlds to explore.

    CREATE a Buncee by reading and take a journey through a variety of genres!!  

    After your ideas are sparked from by reading ANY fiction or nonfiction book!   NOW....Buncee it!!   

    Add settings, characters, details or some nonfiction facts and pictures that you just learned from reading!

    RETELL your journey you took in your book!

                              (Click link below)

    Buncee - Login with Google - your school email!

    Login: (first 5 letters of your last name, first 5 letters of your first name, middle initial, 00 - zerozero, @isd728.org.   

    Password: your lunch number

    Once logged in, CLICK ON THE WORD Buncee on top to get started!



    Mrs. Lewin

    Please email me with any questions!