A Note From the Principal

    The last month has required all of us to be very flexible, with late starts and school closings. A gift for the kids have been the huge snow hills to play on! There is nothing better than a lot of snow to play in during recess. Kids are doing well with the unusual weeks, and the learning and fun continue at ZES!

    Looking Ahead

    2-Hour Early Release - 3/1/2019

    Book Bingo - 3/5/2019

    No School - 3/8/2019

    Conferences - 3/13/2019 - 3/15/2019

    No School - 3/14/2019 - 3/15/2019

    First Grade Music Concert - 3/21/2019 (Instead of 3/1/2019)

    ZebraFest - 3/22/2019

    Note From Health Office

    Health Awareness

    Illnesses are prevalent in our schools during this time of year. Our health services are structured to keep students in school as much as possible so they can meet their educational goals. However, there are times when students need to stay home to get well and prevent exposure and the spread of illness to others.

    Refer to the following information to guide decision making regarding exclusion of ill children.

    Students should stay home from school when: Students can return to school when:
    A fever (100° or higher) No fever for 24 hours without the use of medication and well enough to participate in school
    Vomiting or diarrhea No vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours after the last episode and ability to keep food down
    Rash Rash is cleared by a physician
    Infection requiring antibiotics 24 hours after first antibiotic dose or as directed by a physician

    Please report all illnesses of health conditions to Health Services. When parents are called about a child who has become ill during the school day, it is the expectation that they will be picked up within one hour.

    New Staff

    A welcome to our new staff member Jessica Sundet (Health Services), Karen Diercks (MRC), Kalya LeClaire (Assistant).

    Principal's Builders Club

    Congratulations to the E-2 students who were awarded the Principal’s Builders Club for February. Their leadership, pride and hard work are impressive.

    Principal's Builders Club Group Photo

    Hand Crank Generator at Zimmerman Elementary!

    Classrooms had the opportunity to use the hand crank generator. Students were able to compare incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. Some facts they learned are:  

    • If a 60 watt incandescent was lit for 50,000 hours
    • And a 6 watt LED was lit for 50,000 hours
    • The cost of the incandescent would be $900.00
    • The cost of the LED would be $90.00

    It is a great experience for kids.

    Hand Crank Generator Photo

    After School Exploration Program at ZES!

    A small group, of students were able to participate in an after school exploration focussing on simple machines and water power exploration. Joan Cameron and Deb Colborn host the after school events, and offer students rich experiences with hands on activities. Funding for the materials was made available through the District Gifted and Talented program.

    Mr. Tony’s Tours

    Mr. Tony, Head Building Engineer, holds tours of the mechanical and boiler room for classrooms. He explains to students how the various mechanical and boiler system of the school works. Students ask very thoughtful questions and learn quite a bit.

    Bus Driver Appreciation Day, Wednesday February 27th

    School Bus Driver Appreciation Logo Bus drivers are an important part in children’s lives each and every day. The Zimmerman bus drivers and aids were given a small token of appreciation from the staff and students.

    I Love To Read Month

    This month has been filled with I Love To Read activities. Students are working on their Read-a-Thon goal, as well as enjoying guest readers, dress up days and lots of learning about our 50 States. Dr. Bittman and Dr. Hennen-Burr were two of our guest readers in various classes.

    What Is the Momo Challenge?

    The "Momo Challenge" has been circulating around social media. There is a link below that helps explain the "Momo Challenge". As always, we will continue to implement safe internet practices at school. We encourage parents to monitor device usage at home as well to keep all students safe.

    Momo Challenge Article

  • ZES Is Going Checkless

    Beginning with the 18-19 school year, Zimmerman Elementary will be going checkless. This means that all assigned school fees, meal accounts, and other sale items such as T-shirts will be accepted with cash or credit/debit card only. Please see this attached handout for specific information. Questions can be directed to the school office at 763-241-3475.

    Click Here for handout.

  • Free and Reduced Meals Information

    Free and Reduced Meals Poster The 2018-19 confidential application for the Free and Reduced Meals program is now available.  To learn more about how this confidential program is designed to help families experiencing financial challenges, to complete an online application or print a paper copy please click on the link below.

    Free / Reduced Meal Application and Information

    **A new application must be completed every year.**

  • Illnesses and Communicable Diseases

    Is my child well enough to go to school? Many students and parents are frequently concerned about when students should stay home or attend school. You can expect your child to be ill 5-7 days during a school year. Remember that a child ill with an infectious disease can spread the disease when in contact with others in the family and the community.

    Health Services will monitor the number of communicable diseases reported to them and notify parents via school newsletter or Campus Messenger, if a high percentage (>10 %) of children in a classroom or grade level have a particular communicable disease (ex. Strep throat, head lice, etc.).

    Information regarding guidelines and exclusion recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) can be found on the Health Services Web Page or at the following link: Illnesses and Communicable Diseases

  • Contacts

    Main Office 763-241-3475
    Attendance Line 763-241-3555
    Health Services 763-241-3475
    District Office 763-241-3400
    Vision Transportation 763-441-4420

Upcoming Events

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  • Student Drop Off

    Students may be dropped off at Zimmerman Elementary beginning at 8:25 am each school morning. Please do not drop your child off before 8:25 a.m. as there is no student supervision. Thank you.

  • Student Meal Pricing Information (2018-19)

    Elementary Breakfast - $1.25 per day
    Guest Elementary Breakfast - $2.25 per day
    Elementary Lunch - $2.85 per day
    Guest Elementary Lunch - $3.95 per day
    Milk/Juice Break (4 oz.) - $0.55 per day

    For more information regarding student meals, to create a PayPams account or manage your PayPams account please click here.