Get Connected with ISD 728

  • Are you new to the ISD 728 community?
    Are you and your family in our census?

    If you have moved into our district within the past 4 years, please submit your information to the ISD 728 census at

    Including yourself and children in the census is important for many reasons:

    • You will receive future school-related information such as Early Childhood Screening, Discovery Learning Preschool, Kindergarten Registration & Orientation, and more!
    • Census data is used to help allocate federal funding.
    • Census data is used by state and local governments along with school districts to help determine where to put new schools or where to open new stores.
    • Census data is used to help children in many programs including insurance, education, special education, child safety and childcare.
    • Census data helps federal, state and local governments, school districts and research to serve families.