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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the two (2) referendum questions about?

  • What does it mean that Question 2 is “contingent” on Question 1?

  • Who can vote on the referendum?

  • Why is ISD 728 seeking a school funding request on a November 2019 ballot?

  • Can’t the district make cuts instead of raising revenue?

  • What is the difference between a bond and a levy?

  • How does ISD 728’s budget compare to other school districts?

  • Will the 2019 Referendum Allow the District to Reduce Class Sizes?

  • What will happen if voters do not approve the 2019 referendum?

  • What is "unreserved fund balance" and why can't the District use some of that money to lower class size?

  • Didn’t we recently approve a referendum?

  • The Referendum Presentation talks about the Strategic Plan, a Survey, and the input of many residents. Where can I find that information? 

  • What about the ISD 728 District Office? Was that part of the last referendum? 

  • How can the District afford to do things like tennis courts in Rogers and Elk River if it needs money? 

  • I need more information. How can I learn more about the 2019 Referendum?

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