My ISD 728 Rapid Portal

  • My ISD 728 Rapid Identity Portal simplifies access to usernames and passwords of the many of the apps and systems used at ISD 728. This web based portal provides a single sign-on and rostering system that allows teachers and students to access provided web-based systems with ONE username and password, such as Google, Schoology, Seesaw, IXL and similar apps. For apps not yet available in RapidIdentity Portal, please use the regular login procedure.

    Access the portal at 

    • Click HERE to view the handout describing how to login and access your applications, or for troubleshooting how to logout on home computers.

    It is best practice to change your password at least once per year, or when you think someone else may know it. This can be done at anytime, and do not need to inform anyone that you are doing so. Visit using your current username and password, choose Account drop down, then Change Password.  Please note this option is available to all staff and students in grades 6-12.

    • Click HERE to view a tutorial for changing your password.