• 2021/2022  AP EXAMS  May 2-12, 2022   

    The office will assign AP exam fees to students enrolled in an AP course.  Parents may check their student's accounts for the fee(s) to be assigned.

    This year’s AP Exams will be from May 2-12, 2022, at Rogers High School.  The cost for each exam fee is $60.00. Students must register by October 29, 2021, to avoid incurring an additional $40 late fee. (Except for AP Macroeconomics, which meets only in the spring semester and has a final registration date of February 28, 2022.) Students who register can cancel their exams before February 28, 2022. However, all canceled exams incur a $40 Unused Exam Fee.

    There are two steps to complete the AP exam registration:

    1. Create a College Board account online and enroll in the correct course section. Most students have already completed this step with their teacher.
    2. Complete the payment by logging into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal using your personal parent email address username and password.  Choose Fees to view current year assigned fees, payments, or credits for the student.  If you have more than one child in the District, click the Switch Student button to choose a student.  Students who receive free or reduced lunch may be eligible for a fee waiver.  Contact Jessica Zoubek (jessica.zoubek@isd728.org) for more information.

    Both steps must be complete before the deadline.

    In January, their case manager will contact students with an IEP or 504 Plan to request any necessary testing accommodations.   Contact Anne Bartus (anne.bartus@isd728.org), SSD Coordinator, with any questions about accommodations.

    Please email the AP Coordinator, Shane Noecker (shane.noecker@isd728.org), with questions about registering for an AP exam.



    AP Exam


    Exam Start Time

    AP US Govt. & Politics

     May 2 – Monday 

    7:30 AM

    AP Chemistry

     May 2 - Monday

    11:30 AM

    AP English Lit & Comp (Gr 12)

    May 4 – Wednesday 

    7:30 AM

    AP Computer Science A

    May 4 – Wednesday 

    11:30 AM

    AP Human Geography

    May 5 - Thursday

    7:30 AM

    AP Macroeconomics

    May 5 - Thursday

    7:30 AM

    AP Statistics

    May 5 – Thursday 

    11:30 AM

    AP US History

    May 6 – Friday

    7:30  AM

    AP Calculus AB

    May 9 – Monday 

    7:30 AM

    AP English Lang & Comp (Gr 11)

    May 10 – Tuesday 

    7:30 AM

    AP Biology

    May 11– Wednesday

    11:30 AM

    AP World History

    May 12 – Thursday

    7:30 AM

    AP Physics 1

    May 12 – Thursday

    11:30 AM


    2020-2021 AP Registration slides

    Important Dates-

    October 1, 2021-  All AP students must register on the CollegeBoard website (My AP)

    October 29, 2021-  Fall Registration Ends (for all Fall Courses)  Fees must be paid

    February 28, 2022-  Spring Registration Ends.  (For AP US Macroeconomics or Late Registration)