• Hello! My name is Kristen Hansel I work for Greater Minnesota Family Services as a School and Mental Health Intern. My role will be to provide and teach coping skills, emotional regulation, anger management, process and explore emotions, and confidences and self-esteem building. My goal is to help students process feelings and self-regulate their emotions to help them grow and learn better in class. This is my first job experience in this field. I am currently studying to get my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy through Adler Graduate School. I will graduate in December of 2021. I enjoy using play and nature as a tool to help lead the conversation. I have a person-centered therapeutic approach. I will be at Twin Lakes Elementary on Wednesday afternoons, and Thursday during school hours, so feel free to ask me questions!

    If you have a student you think may benefit from services, please reach out to Ms. Dockendorf or Ms. Hudalla.