Interview with Pediatrician, Dr. Eric Barth, Allina Health

  • Intro Slide

    Digital Wellness and Screen Time: Top 10 Alerts 
    Watch Troy Anderson, ISD 728 Assistant Director of Instructional Technology and Dr. Eric Barth, Pediatrician at Allina Clinic discuss the importance of managing screen time effectively. This webinar focuses on the Top 10 Screen Time Alerts to help parents and adults better manage screentime individually, as well as improve communication on this topic with children and young adults. The webinar is divided into short segments, so you can watch the videos in their entirety by starting with the first topic below or skip ahead to specific topics of your choice.

    The link to the full interview and slideshow are also provided for your reference.

  • Introduction (3:21)

  • Alert #10: Tech free zones (1:58)

  • Alert #9: Set limits and encourage playtime (2:32)

  • Alert #8: Create a family media plan (2:26)

  • Alert #7: Be a good role model (2:08)

  • Alert #6: Treat media similar to other environments (1:36)

  • Alert #5: Consider Parent Controls (1:28)

  • Alert #4: Use technology in an interactive way (2:08)

  • Alert #3: Share a common focus (1:37)

  • Alert #2: Educate yourself (1:13)

  • Alert #1: All screentime is NOT equal (2:31)

  • Wrap Up: Parent resources (1:57)

Video Highlights Focused on Leading Research Organizations

  • American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations (3:02)

  • World Health Organization Recommendations (2:15)

  • Examining the Research (6:08)

  • Current Reality (4:14)