Students in Manufacturing

  • yst ISD 728 CTE Internship Course partners with the Youth Skills Training Program at Department of Labor and Industry. The program reviews and approves employers tools and equipment in paid work experiences (CTE Internships) for juniors and seniors for an exemption of Child Labor Laws. Allowing students to continue their education in the real world setting while remaining safe and having the training and support from thier high school. Contact for more details.

    The goal of the Youth Skills Training (YST) program is to provide 16-17 year old student learners with safe, healthy and meaningful paid work experience in high-growth, high-demand and living-wage industries. YST programs must be approved by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) prior to student learners working in potentially hazardous industries.

      • Complete and submit the Employer Equipment and Tool Review Form.
      • Take pictures of each piece of equipment listed (include safety features in the pictures) 
      • Provide proof of workers’ compensation insurance.
      • An OSHA Consultant will review the equipment and DLI will schedule a Teams meeting (virtual) to review the equipment.
      • After the virtual meeting, a list of approved equipment (work process form) will be emailed to sign off on along with YST statute.

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    The YST Program increases the opportunities for juniors and seniors to participate in paid work experiences (CTE Internships)

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