Superintendent Goals

  • Goal 1: Leadership 

    In navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Superintendent will demonstrate leadership by:

    • providing purpose and direction for individuals and groups;
    • modeling shared leadership and decision-making;
    • demonstrating an understanding of issues affecting education;
    • setting priorities;
    • serving as a spokesperson for the welfare of all learners;
    • understanding how education is impacted by local, state, national, and international events;
    • demonstrate the ability to implement change; and 
    • demonstrate the ability to facilitate and motivate others.


    Goal 2: Judgement, Problem Analysis, and Diversity

    In accordance with the District's Strategic Plan, the Superintendent will ensure equitable opportunities and access to programs through policy evaluation so that all learners achieve its mission, core values and learner outcomes by:

    • demonstrating an understanding and recognition of the significance of diversity, and responding to the needs of diverse learners 
    • demonstrating kowledge of how to balance varied and competing interests to ensure the mission and vision of the school district is carried forward; 
    • identifying the elements of a problem situation by analyzing relevant information, framing issues, identifying possible causes, and reframing possible solutions; 
    • demonstrating adaptability and conceptual flexibility; 
    • assisting others in forming opinions about problems and issues;
    • reaching logical conclusions by making quality timely decisions based on available information;  and 
    • identifying and giving priority to significant issues. 


    Goal 3: Communication

    The Superintendent will prioritize communication, ensuring an engaged community, by: 

    • formulating and carrying out plans for communications, demonstrating facilitation skills;
    • facilitating teamwork;
    • making presentations that are clear and easy to understand;and
    • responding, reviewing, and summarizing information for groups.