2020 MSHSL Approved Fall Training Seasons

  • The MSHSL Board of Directors have approved the creation of optional Fall Training Seasons for volleyball, football, and MSHSL sanctioned spring sports. All MSHSL member schools have the authority to provide the entire Training Season, offer a reduced Training Season or choose not to offer a Training Season. 

    Elk River High School is proud to provide the following Training Seasons this fall. 

    Please e-mail the Head Coach for sport specific questions.

    SPORT________Head Coach___________________________________Dates________________
    Football               Steve Hamilton(steven.hamilton@isd728.org)           Sept. 14th-Sept. 27th
    Volleyball            Theresa Brummer(theresa.brummer@isd728.org)     Sept. 14th-Sept. 27th
    Boy's Tennis        Randy Ronning(ronningr@katewwdb.com)                Oct. 5th-Oct. 24th
    Baseball               Ryan Holmgren(coachholmgren@yahoo.com)            Oct. 5th-Oct. 24th
    Boy's Golf            Phil Johnson(wildpjohn12@gmail.com)                      Oct. 5th-Oct. 24th
    Girl's Golf            Dave Bleyhl(dbleyhl70@gmail.com)                             Oct. 5th-Oct. 24th
    Boy's Lacrosse    Thomas Haugen(thomas.haugen@spps.org)               Oct. 5th-Oct. 24th
    Girl's Lacrosse    Stephanie Anderson(stephlax@yahoo.com)                 Oct. 5th-Oct. 24th
    Track                   Russ Gnan(Russell.gnan@isd728.org)                          Oct. 5th-Oct. 24th

    Fall Training Seasons are FREE. Please complete the Online Activity Registration. All students must have an up-to-date physical on file with ERHS to be eligible to participate. Sports physicals can be faxed to 763-241-3421 or emailed directly to Taylor Sawyer(taylor.sawyer@isd728.org).